Jean Monnet Modul 2016-2018

Investigating EU Mobility – Jean- Monnet-Module

In the context of the Jean-Monnet Programme, this blog was created as part of the seminar “mobility of EU citizens – an opportunity of growth?“ (Mobilität der EU Bürger – Eine Wachstumschance für Europa?) under the direction of Dr. Kamila Schöll-Mazurek at Europa Universität Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder). During the summer semester 2016/2017 and winter semester 2017/2018 the seminar deals with challenges and barriers of mobility within the European Union. In addition to the blog, the students are developing a webinar dealing with labour mobility and a round table discussion regarding voting rights within the European Union.

Investigating EU Mobility – BLOG https://eumobility.wordpress.com